Renewal Of Vows Coming of Age Naming Ceremony

Commitment or Renewal of Vows

These ceremonies are similar to a Wedding Ceremony, except for the legal requirements and usually contain many aspects of a wedding ceremony.

You could use your original vows or I can assist you writing new ones. You will receive a "Certificate of Re-affirmation or "Commitment Certificate" as a memento of the occasion.

Coming of Age

Can be performed at 13 to 21 years of age for both boys and girls. To a teenager it can be a difficult transitional time of their lives. Knowing they have support from both family and close adult friends, can make their journey into adulthood less daunting.

A "Coming of Age" Certificate is presented as a memento.

Naming Ceremony

This type of ceremony is a non-religious alternative to Baptism, welcoming the newborn or adoptive child into your family.

A "Certificate of Naming" is presented as a memento.

All these ceremonies are structured to your wishes.

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